By contributing to BIP you are helping us to keep true to our mission of develop, produce, and promote the creation of performances and cultural events, through different artistic forms that reflect the traditions and improve the values of our Latin communities (Including Caribbean). Fostering a platform for diverse artistic connections between the greater global artistic community and the New York City diaspora and their audiences. Also you can help us to make alliances with other organizations and institutions for facilitate the artistic work with its makers as a public service to immediate neighborhoods and all audiences. Even with your support we can provide a leadership, especially in the Latino performing arts, through innovative and collaborative (even educational) activities for different audiences. BIP is a federally-incorporated, charitable arts organization, and all gifts are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.


You can support BIP by making a secure online donation. Your generosity will enables us to provide the very best experience for our audience WITH EXCELLENT cinematic and theatrical entertainment to our audiences.


Donations at all levels are appreciated and allow us to grow the festival each year. BIP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, your donation may be tax deductible. Your donation will help to develop, produce, and promote the creation of performances and cultural events, with public presentation, through different artistic forms that reflect the traditions and improve the values of our Latin communities (Including Caribbean). We invite you to choose the way that is most meaningful for you.


In-kind gifts are as valuable as cash to BIP and are also fully tax-deductible. Based on the value of your contribution, you will also receive giving rewards for the level of your in-kind gift. Here is our current wish list:

  • Guest housing for visiting artists
  • Airfare or airline miles for visiting artists
  • Apple Computer with editing program
  • Catering and restaurant services for special events
  • Wine, champagne, and cocktail supplies for special events
  • Hotel accommodations in New York and other destinations
  • Office supplies (copy paper, pens, etc.)
  • Heavy-duty letter folding machine
  • Production-quality lighting, sound, and video equipment
    Industrial storage unit or warehouse space (2400 cubic feet or larger)
  • Volunteers and Interns
  • Ushering for a performance
  • Delivering posters and brochures to local businesses
  • Building and sewing sets and costumes
  • Mailing media releases, season ticket information

frenzy fest

Each year BIP presents the psychological theater and short-film festival “Frenzy Fest”. Frenzy Fest is a unique festival that combines the arts with the science and study of the human psyche. The plays reflect some form of “Frenzy” episodes, meaning a kind of mental agitation, violent excitement, emotional breakdown, delirium and/or rage. The Festival received recognition from “Teatro Tempo” for its artistic and social contribution to the community. In addition, 2019 Frenzy Fest won the “Best Extraordinary Experimental Production, LATA Award” from the Latin Alternative Theater Awards 2020.

This initiative is so relevant to the neighborhood because, for example, statistically one third of households in East Harlem reported incomes below the federal poverty level. As it relates to crime trends, East Harlem ranked #14 among the City’s fifty-nine community districts. Both of these conditions are triggers for mental health decline. This festival creatively and artistically provides a compassionate message of warnings and prevention on mental health and human behavior so necessary in our society.

The generosity of our donors enables us to provide the very best psychological plays experience for our audience and theatrical entertainment to our audiences. BIP works with every sponsor to help craft a benefits package that best serves the partner’s corporate marketing goals. Different opportunities are available to sponsor Frenzy Fest, or create your own package.


Some benefits are include:

  • Prominent recognition on stage, in print, and through digital communication
  • Credit on BIP website.
  • Tickets to share with clients, employees, or other organizations.
  • Playbill placements
  • Access one-of-a-kind performances, artists, and special events throughout the year.

Unique opportunities to entertain clients, recognize employees, and network with our patrons and other business partners. Support by joining our Frenzy Fest tax-deductible donation today.

Looking to advance your marketing goals while playing an important role in bringing artistic & cultural productions to East Harlem? Be part of this innovative theater festival!