frenzy fest

ABOUT frenzy fest

Frenzy-Fest is a bilingual competitive theatrical-cinema-festival focusing on social and psychological vulnerabilities serving to increase awareness and empathy about the stigma of mental health. Frenzy Fest focuses on the human psyche as the totality of all elements forming the mind. In the mind’s complexity, almost all human beings may experience a temporary madness or a violent mental and emotional agitation, and may not be diagnosed as a psychotic person.


Additionally, all plays and short-films must promote multicultural dialogue and the freedom of creative expression, and tolerance for community members experiencing mental disorders such as: agitation, delirium, furor, hysteria, and madness resulting from a psychotic condition, as a result of drug or alcohol abuse, or as a casual frenzy episode, which anyone in an extreme moment may experience.


Frenzy Fest started in 2019 as a theatrical Festival but in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, BIP transformed the Theatrical-Frenzy-Fest into an ONLINE-SHORT-FILM-Festival for filmmakers. After the crises past away and theaters re-open the festival came back to theater with audience presentation including theater and short-films. Also in addition to presenting the Festival at the theater we are including online screaming at the same time.


Frenzy-Fest bring changes encouraging positive attitudes, values and social ties underpinning a more self-aware and empathetic cognition. Neuro-Science studies show that films and theater are capable of influences different parts of the brain. Frenzy-Fest also makes possible: freedom of creative expression, helps people articulate important aspects of themselves, and artistic work for youth amateur artistic workers.


By bilingual showcasing, we’ll have more access for both, Latin and Anglo and we’ll engage participant’s followers promoting the interaction of multicultural communities. The main audience and community are the Caribbean/Latin Community but as a global-online initiative, many others communities are impact providing the opportunity for other communities to better understand the Latinos’ needs as well as our community may will understand the other minorities with different needs.



General Producer / Artistic Director

Amneris Morales

Programming Coordinator & Creative Producer

Belange Rodriguez

Production Manager

Ivan Goris

Technical Director

Alfonso Rey

Community Outreach

Jesus Papoleto Melendez