Barrio Independent Productions is a charitable organization (Not-for-Profit Corporation/501(C) 3) dedicated to presenting multi-media arts and cultural-events serving as a cultural bridge between all genres of artistic expression that reflect the traditions and improve the values of our Caribbean and Latin communities.


As writers BIP’s members create and produce original content, as well as the development and production of plays and films written by emerging Latin playwrights and filmmakers.


BIP also trains, mentors and hires youth Latin crew with intention of educating and inspiring a new generation of creative.


BIP works to promote a deeper understanding of cultural pride by offering opportunities to experience artistic bilingual productions to Spanish speakers and other audiences to promote diversity.


Although BIP was formally registered in 2020, BIP began producing and presenting artistic and cultural events as a group in 2017.

Most notable among others:

2017: “De Aquí y de Allá”: an initiative to raise awareness on the impact of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

2017: Acting-workshops with senior-citizens at Casabe Senior Center in East Harlem, concluding with a short-film starring the seniors.

2018: “La Patria Resiste” Proceeds from the events were donated towards relief efforts for those affected by Hurricane Maria.

2019: “Frenzy-Fest”: English and/or Spanish competitive theater festival, focus on mental health.

2018-2019: Acting, Dance and Sing Workshops at Acacia Network seniors’ centers.  In 2018 final goal was to develop a short film with the seniors as protagonists and in 2019 to develop a showcase. The majority of participants were Latinos.

2020: The official presentation to the community and media of the book BORRACHO [Very Drunk] – LOVE POEMS by Jesus Papoleto Melendez at El Barrio’s ArtSpace PS 109. This event featured the participation of extraordinary artists and personalities who will give voice to these poems in English and Spanish.

2020: In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, BIP transformed the Theatrical-Frenzy-Fest into an ONLINE-SHORT-FILM-Festival for filmmakers.


Although the members are a mix of Puerto Ricans, Dominican, Venezuelan, and one Anglo, with roots in East Harlem, known as “El Barrio”, culturally, the organization has a very “Boricua and Nuyorican” vibe.