Your efforts are integral to keeping our organization running smoothly. Of course we are grateful to those who sponsor us financially,but as we all know, time and human energy are just as, if not more, estimable in their worth.

Whether you are an individual or a company, there are numerous ways to contribute to BIP. Here are some ways you can help:


In-kind gifts are as valuable as cash to BIP and are also fully tax-deductible. Based on the value of your contribution, you will also receive giving rewards for the level of your in-kind gift. Here is our current wish list:

  • Guest housing for visiting artists
  • Airfare or airline miles for visiting artists
  • Apple Computer with editing program
  • Catering and restaurant services for special events
  • Wine, champagne, and cocktail supplies for special events
  • Hotel accommodations in New York and other destinations
  • Office supplies (copy paper, pens, etc.)
  • Heavy-duty letter folding machine
  • Production-quality lighting, sound, and video equipment
    Industrial storage unit or warehouse space (2400 cubic feet or larger)
  • Volunteers and Interns
  • Ushering for a performance
  • Delivering posters and brochures to local businesses
  • Building and sewing sets and costumes
  • Mailing media releases, season ticket information

Contact us:


call (787) 632-1141

Thank you for your support!